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...and I was into building almost more than riding, so I bought a basket case Ironhead sportster. That was stupid on a number of levels, and after building it (a couple of times), I bought an R1200Gs, which quickly became my real bike. Dependable, smoothe nimble, awesome bike compared to anything I'd had up til then. Next I also ended up with a 2002 Road King. It was a great sounding, great looking bike, not bad for travelling either, although it generated a lot of heat for the passenger, my wife, especially when caught in traffic. It wasn't very nimble, nor did it stop quickly, and I was actually glad to finally decide to get rid of it. Harleys are cool, but they don't feel as safe to me as my bimmer does.

My other ride is a hyper s with great, sensitive brakes. The Ultra actually stops pretty good, but the lever and pedal sure feel heavy to operate. I'm sure part of the problem is me. I'm used to using much less grip on previous sport bikes and bmw's.
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