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Originally Posted by zuma View Post
When some time back I heard that my local Honda dealer here in Oz had a CB1100 on the floor I couldn't get in there quick enough. I'd read up on all the specs, was disappointed by the fuel tank size but thought hell, I'll work something out.

But when I saw the bike in the metal I was dismayed; it's tiny. I'm 61yo and 187cm, when I sat on the bike that was the deal breaker. The seat to pegs distance was too short, I felt hunched over the bars and cramped for room. I haven't even bothered to chase up a test ride, I love the look of the CB, but I won't be buying one. A friend of mine who is 172cm loves the riding position, it's just right for him, that says it all.

I hope Honda sell heaps of 'em, but I doubt it. My local dealer still has that bike on the floor and I've yet to see one on the road.
Damn. Looking at the pictures of it, this is what I'm afraid of. I'm about 183cm tall and...."fluffy"

I have a feeling this bike as pretty as it is, isn't going to work for me. Damn.
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