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Originally Posted by lacofdfireman View Post
That's gonna be a hard one to find a frame for. lol...

Dave you outdid yourself on another ride report. I think I live my Adventure desires and dreams though your camera lens and stories as others have said. I am a poor excuse for an ADV Rider. I have owned, bought and sold 3 08 BMW GSA's and between all 3 logged maybe 5k milestotal. That's ridiculous. lol.. Mine have always been garage princesses unfortunately. I have always had the ADV bug but never could find the time to ride. And as of right now I don't even own a motorcycle anymore. Kids, life and a 360 mile commute to work at the Fire Department have kept me from realizing my dream of riding to Alaska someday. I have a 14 year old boy who shares my passion for motorcycles and loves to ride his YZ 125. It's my hope to someday (Maybe 16 will be to young) to ride to Alaska with him both on our own bikes.
lacofdfireman, do not sell yourself short. The Adv bug resides in all of us here. i really hope you can realize your dream with your son. I am an ER nurse who rides, and people think me crazy for it. I ride because I love it and because I have learned some hard lessons from my profession through the years...

Live every day; tell the ones you love that you love them; don't go to bed angry; you can get killed walking your doggie; life is short; you never know when your ticket is going to get punched.

Life is too short. I hope to travel with my daughter, Katie, on my moto someday. I do have the feeling, tho, that she will want to ride her own on the trip. People say that she is a little version of me in a dress. I hope not for the sake of the world. I think one of me is far too many.

Perhaps my mother's curse came true. My mother always wished for me to have a kid that acted exactly like I did.

Ah well, such is life. Enjoy it while it is here. Live every day. I know that you have seen some of the same shit that I have. These are the days. Plan for tomorrow, but do not forget the here and now...

Sending good vibes your way. I hope you fulfill your dreams.


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