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Originally Posted by nuggets View Post
I set up a GP8 course this evening on asphalt and was riding it for a while.

I didn't quite have a proper course as I was using low cones, and had the course laid out in yards(so a little tighter), and was running an extra lap.

This was my first time trying the GP8, and didn't realize how small it is. It is tons of fun, and I was impressed by how much grip I had available.

I'll have to time it and see how I am doing.

I also had setup a cone weave with about 1 foot tall cones 3 yards apart. That turned out to be very challenging. By the end, I was making clean runs at the cone weave without knocking any cones down.

I noticed an unexpected side effect of the gymkhana practice. Once I finished the practice, I did a few wheelies. Post practice, I was getting the wheelies to the balance point easier than usual, and staying there longer.

Funny how skills practice carries over to general improvements.
I had my first "proper" run in ages on Sunday, 100 km's of twisty goodness. Twice. I relished how in control I felt stringing the bends together, the bike felt weightless. Braking, ahem, hard for corners was an exercise in moderation, braking quite hard I knew that I could brake a lot harder. I also found myself using the back brake a lot more to stabilise the bike & scrub off speed into a corner.
I've realised you can learn a lot in a car park.
Thing is, I can't pop a wheelie to save my life. I can loop a bike, though. Rear mudguards quake in my presence.
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