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Originally Posted by guavadude View Post
I wired my AMPS mount with an SAE to the battery unswitched so it's always hot. I've seen someone else added a switch but I imagine the Montana doesn't draw much juice and I'll always take it off the mount when stopping.
Am I missing something or is it ok to have the mount unswitched?
There's no problem running directly to the battery. There is no current draw when the Montana is off or out of the cradle. I happen to have mine connected to a switched circuit only because it was convenient.
I did something similar to your SAE connector arrangement using one of our (3BR Powersports) Baryl connectors between the cradle and the dash.I shortened up the cable a bunch between the cradle and the "Y" and again between the Y and the plug. I left the audio cable full length. The Baryl connector is more weather resistant than the SAE but if it is up on the dash it probably doesn't make any difference.

You can see how short the cable is between the Y and plug in this view.
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