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Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post goldwing didn't last but a year :( it did not have enough air flow to ride it in fla. was just way too hot. it was so big and heavy, it was a chore to ride it a few mile i rode it to new england/canada for 19 days in juthe wife and she enjoyed it, but she also said NO MORE.

both decided that it did not meet our needs--we would be better suited in a corvette convertible (in the future, miata for now).

so she flew home on that trip from boston and left me the 3 day ride back.

i hit the parkway at front royal virgina and rode down to Willville. IT SUCKED!!! the bike was just too big for me to home and sold the wing and bought the vee strom the next day.

I'm hoping to get a late model GL1800 with low mileage from someone just like you...

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