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Originally Posted by studad View Post
I've been a Harley/BMW flip flopper.


Road King. Tours like the BMW. Which is well. Luggage is a wash. BMW luggage opens and shit falls out. HD bags are a fucking project to open and close. Piss poor mileage (my jetta about matched it). Feels good. Agricultural almost, but comfortable. Maybe like a nice pickup? So far it's the winner. But maybe I could use a Setrao?

I don't care who you are , that was fucking funny

Yeah they are a pain in the ass at first. It took me a few days to work out the easy way. Now I can open and close them sitting on the bike.

As for which brand , I've got one of each. They're different animals. Mileage is the same for both bikes ... surprised me too. 4 cylinder FI versus twin with a carb' , cam and pipe.

Pay your money , pick your poison.

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