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Apache on Clearview in East Mesa by Power and 60. I won't go anywhere near Ride Now, or as they are more commonly known, Ripoff Now or Ride Never.

Centerstands have many purposes, but for me the main reason to have one on bikes with tube type tires is so you can fix a flat tire out on the road. Without a way to get the wheel off, which requires a stable way to hold the bike up, there is no way to fix a flat on a tube type tire. I put over 20,000 miles on a Rebel, and used up most of my carrying capacity for a jack, wrenches, tire irons, spare tubes, etc. With tubeless tires you stick a plug in it, air it up, and be on your way. BTW, wire spoked motorcycle wheels designed for tubeless tires have been around for decades, the first place I saw them was on the '86 Honda Rebel 450. BMW also uses them. Yamaha uses one on the rear of the Japanese (and European) version of the XT250. So the manufacturers have no excuse to continue using tube type tires on street bikes. They can have their spoke wheels and tubeless tires both.

Wire spoke wheels are much heavier than alloy wheels. Yes they are stronger (and a little more flexible) but when you are trying to cut down unsprung weight they are a disaster. I'd say that's the main reason they are not used much anymore. Also, wire spoke wheels that are suitable for tubeless tires are hideously expensive.
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