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Originally Posted by nattyMo View Post
The ones I've seen change hands in the past year have been in the $6300-$7300 range depending on condition.

KHVol care to say what you were able to get for yours?

If I ever sell mine I'd have to put it back to stock. I have $7k in mods on mine... sure has been fun.

It was in that range, much less than I would like to have asked for it had I not sold it to a friend and much, much less than I felt it was worth ( nothing new there).

If you sell to a friend, it is no longer a transaction "at arm's length." The last thing you want is for a friend to buy something from you and later wish he hadn't. If you sell to a stranger, you want to do the right thing but if a stranger changes his mind later it is " Them's the hazards".

What was the good deal for the buyer and also the bad deal for me is the extra's that you put on it over the years. You know when you buy them that you will never get your money back out of it when you sell it. You become very aware of how much that is when you go to sell it. Then you become doubly aware if you think you may want to buy that same bike later and will have to spend that same money for accessories all over again. For example, Akro's..big expense, does so much for the bike that I can't imagine having a 950/990 SM without it, there goes $2,000 right off the bat, then you add a seat, heated grips, skid plate, windscreen, hyper ligts, rear bags, brackets, tail bag, tank bag, control pieces, kickkstand foot, carbon this, carbon that, ad nauseum. Over the course of years, it really mounts up.

Yiou are going to have a big problem with this, Nattymo, if you ever decide to sell your 950.. I have never seen a more personalized bike than your 950 SM.
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