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Spent the better part of Sunday afternoon reading this thread. I had hoped to be to the end by Thanksgiving...(Currently at post 4100). I am finding that this build of mine is taking on a life on of its own because of this thread and all of you.

Most bikes I work on are newer in nature so there is not a lot of information on what you can/can't do to them. Yet with the TA, the Mod thread is like going through a history book seeing all the work that people have done. But it does not stop there, the human factor is incredible and the trials and tribulations and even the passing of some members draws you into a very extended and wide family history. So many times I am tempted to respond to a question or comment but I have to stop myself as they were asked and answered 7 years ago. So as I work my way to the present day section of the thread I find that I am beginning to weave myself into a very long linage of riders and builders who are really paving the way for the new owners like myself. I hope my efforts to copy the work they have done, does them justice. Thank you all for what you have done, I look forward to what will be down the road.

Here is where we ended yesterday, the Givi bags are off and the few parts that are in are being laid out.

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