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Originally Posted by Harvey Krumpet View Post
Thing is, I can't pop a wheelie to save my life. I can loop a bike, though. Rear mudguards quake in my presence.
Bikes like yours and mine aren't really made for popping wheelies. Or at least, I don't *think* the TDM is; I *KNOW* my Wee-Strom isn't Unless you've altered the gearing for a lot more torque, the only way to pop a wheelie on a relatively heavy, relatively low powered bike like most ADV bikes is to rev the engine a bit and dump the clutch. On the other hand, with a modern sport bike, all you have to do is roll on enough throttle in low gear and the front wheel will come up without dumping the clutch, since most of them are massively over-powered.

I've managed to smoothly get the front tire off the ground once or twice on my Wee -- including one absolutely beautiful wheelie on my way to work one morning when a stoplight turned green exactly as I was releasing the clutch while downshifting and preparing to stop (I rolled on full throttle from around 5K RPM just as I dropped the clutch out of the friction zone) -- but it only took a couple of attempts to convince myself that intentionally trying to wheelie the Strom is a good way to embarrass yourself in public
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