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I shipped with Ivan Smoljko (
He was the only agent who would help me with the crate.
Everything was easy done by email, I droped off the bike at a warehouse ( in Perth an they
crated the bike. I only had to remove the mirrors for the crating.
The crate was a original Harley-Davidson crate with a volume of almost 4 m3.
Ivan checked with his contacts in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur about the troubles and I decided to ship to Port Klang,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Procedure in Port Klang to get the Bike:
Malaysia is very correct and I saw no long waiting between the steps but it still takes time.
If one knows what to do it's possible in 2 workingdays,
but since I didn't know all and because to public holidays it took me from Monday 8.00am to Friday 16.30pm....
This is how it would go:
Eary morning go to your shipping company and get the paper(several layers, top is pink) for the bike.
Go to the Malaysian Automobile Club to get the compulsory Insurance for Malaysia and Singapore.
You need also the round International Sticker from them, otherwise the custom will not fill out your CDP.
This will take several hours so by then you can call it a day.
Automobile Association of Malaysia
225, Block 4, Persiaran Sukan, Laman Seri Business Park, Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
GPS: N 03.09231 E 101.54397
Take the KTM train from Kuala Lumpure to Port Klang, approx. 1 hour 4.40 Ringgit.
Take a taxi to the Custom House in Northport, 2-3km approx. 5-10 Ringgit.
GPS Custom House: N 03.01484 E 101.36586
At the Custom House:
1. Go up the stairs turn left, go straight to the office at the end of the corridor.
There they want a fotocopy of:
-your passport,
-the original registration,
-the insurance for Malaysia
And then they fill in the CDP only halfway.
Go to Northport, there is a small footpath between the Custom House an the Powerplant
which leads right to the entrance of the Northport.
There you get a visitor pass.
2.Go to the warehouse at Northport of your shipping company to pay the fees and prepare the inspection.
3.Go with the CDP to Northport to the Customoffice, located in warehouse B2, for an inspection of the Bike.
The Customofficer then signs on the back of the import part of the CDP.
4. Go back to the Custom House to clear the CDP.
5. After the CDP you need the clearence of the bike on the pink paper, as well at the Custom House opposite the CDP office.
6.Go back to warehouse B2 the office opposite the customoffice where you did the inspection.
They sign the pink paper and keep it.
7. Go to the warehouse to pick up your bike. They have to sign as well, now on the last page.
8. Drive to the entrance of Northport and get the last singnature at the gate.
9. Your free to go.
Sounds easy, doesn't it?
Total cost:
Export Clearance Perth aud$ 200.--
Crating and delivery to the port in Perth aud$ 440.--
Ocean freight Fremantle-Port Klang aud$ 333.--
Terminal handling Kuala Lumpure aud$ 213.35
Import service fee Kuala Lumpure aud$ 55.--
Northport fee Ringgit 214.--
Insurance and Sticker Ringgit 255.--
Total around aud$ 1400.--
Well the seafreight itself is cheap but the handling and crating is tree times more.
At the end the costs were similar to my previous Ro-Ro shippings Lörrach-Hamburg-Halifax and Veracruz-Guayaquil.
Darwin-Dili East Timor might by the better way but Darwin is in the middle of all the good places in Australia,
so eather you have to skip some of them or drive the boring Stuart Hwy back to Darwin.
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