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I can't wait to play with a surface w/ keyboard. My Dell XPS laptop is 5 years old, and is getting on in years. The inverter went on it for the screen, so I have one ordered. I am currently working in a tech-centric job, and have been playing with Windows 8 a lot. At first I hated it, but the more I use it, and the more I get used to it, it does have some really cool features. The though of being able to have win8 on my desktop, and then fire up a tablet and have my settings all the same, and the start panel laid out the same is really appealing to me. Plus, between Skydrive, Google Drive, and Google Play Music, I don't need the storage capacity that I once did.

The thought of a dual function device (tablet and laptop) is also extremely appealing. I have an HP netbook (with slackware linux currently running), and for all of my use on it, I would be happier with a tablet. The thought of being able to dock a keyboard to a tablet is just even better. Plus, with my android phone and Foxfi, I have a wifi hotspot anywhere I go, without extra fees. Veerrry cool. The Surface is a strong contender for my next tech purchase, that's for sure. With a quadcore 1.2ghz processor, it is probably comparable or a bit quicker than the Core2Duo 2.0 in my laptop, and definitely faster than the 1.6ghz atom in my netbook. I used to think a tablet would be a waste of time for me, but now that I realize that I use a laptop for web surfing, listening to music with headphones, emailing, and some text documents, I have come to the realization that a tablet does all of that, as long as I have the option of a keyboard for longer emails and word docs. Plus, the form factor will be great for traveling.
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