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To be fair, most of the time people steer away from me...

I have no idea why! Maybe it's my bike that scares them away - an all black Triumph Speed Triple but with no plastics on. Or maybe they don't like the idea of approaching quite a big guy (6'2'', a lean 210lb) who's wearing beat-up old black leathers. Meh.

However, when folks DO summon the courage to talk to me (I am really quite agreeable!), I quite like it, so long as I'm not in a hurry to be someplace. Old-boys are usually cool, with mad stories of police-chases through country lanes in the 60's, on their then latest, greatest rocketship Bonne or 650 Commando...

As I'm in the sunny UK, there's not so many intolerant assholes asking dumb questions. Or at least that I've personally found. Plenty of people (50/50 split men and women I've found) on mobile phones though

I do get some attention when I go touring though - I guess riding an un-faired bike 1000's of miles including off-road gets you some kind of respect. I got put up for free in Albania by a bar / bike shop owner for talking to him for 20 minutes. He bought me beer all night, and we sped around visiting many bars (getting very drunk, riding far too quickly quickly and VERY dangerously) around his home city Durrės. Stuff like that makes a trip worth while, no? Memorable at least!

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