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Originally Posted by Motogymkhanaman View Post
Of course a wheelie is as welcome as a thunderstorm at a picnic on a Moto Gymkhana course as it means that all that energy is being wasted picking the front up when it could be driving the bike forward...Maintaining acceleration at or just below 1'G' is the mark of a true pro and that is why you see them move their upper body weight well forward during the acceleration phase. This moves the entire CofG forward enough to keep the front wheel on the ground. A common mistake (I have made it) is to grab a handful of front brake whilst there is little or no weight on the front wheel which makes the wheel lock almost immediately. Keeping enough weight over the front means that the transition between accelerating and braking can be made as short as possible.
Yep -- when doing gymkhana, you want to keep the wheels on the ground. Having said that, you can't deny that this guy's got some mad skills:

...and then, there are these guys:

IMHO, all of them are awesome -- it's a matter of learning when it is appropriate to use which skill set rather than which sub-category of motorcycling is "best" :)
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