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Make sure the bike is in good tune before lay up. If you're having any ignition or starting issues, get those squared away before lay up. Then keep the battery charged and the fuel from going bad and you're good. Don't over think's not like you're storing the bike for years. I've never used Seafoam but do use Stabil and I usually add a bit of MMO (marvel mystery oil). Not much MMO. I put one squirt from a plews can into every tank of fuel. I think that translates to about an oz or two per squirt? in a 5 gal tank. I choose MMO more out of habit than science. Been using it since the 60's. I would also recommend dielectric grease in all your harness wiring plugs and connections including the HT coil and spark plug caps. Keeps the water out especially out east slushy road salt water.
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