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Thank you all for the testing and quick response..
.. I'm glad the EMFB "follow me" NexRad is working for everyone again.

Originally Posted by wingwing
As promised...
While tinkering with the code.. I found a few things I might could easily add...
.. i.e. sunrise and sunset for the current location..
(something I always want/need on an extended road trip)
... stay tuned

Well for now, I'm still calling it "beta" but regarding the above there is a new EMFB feature that should be working.
(.. you do NOT need to download the app again..
.. this new function is all done on the server side)

When you're viewing either the BASE radar or COMP radar there is a little push pin that shows your current location.. if you tap the push pin it will bring up a quick forecast for your current location.

I'm still calling it "beta" because the radar views update automatically every 30 seconds so if you're viewing something in the quick forecast pin it will disappear after 30 seconds and you'll have to push the pin again..
.. not a big deal but some might find it annoying.
In the next release I can add an option to make it more sticky if y'all think it's necessary.
.. let me know?

Here is a partial view of what you should see when you tap the pin..
.. might take a bit to show up if you're not on a fast connection.
It actually shows the forecast for the whole week with daily temps too..

......... the rest of the week shows up here as you scroll down.....

As always, thank you and let me know how it works for you..

hope you like it as much as I do..
.. Check out "EMFB" (Easy Map For Bikers) in the Goolge Play store...

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