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Monday – Day 3:

I thawed out by morning, but it was still a brisk mid 40’s when I pulled out of Springerville. After yesterday’s scenic ride, I expected today to be a lot of monotonous highway. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Heading into New Mexico, the road had a nice rhythm to it. The long stretches of open road were broken up every hour or two by a mountain pass or a trip through a small town. It was just enough straight line riding to stretch out and finally get comfortable and enough mountains and small towns to plunk around and play tourist.

There were some interesting sights, like the hitching post at the credit union and their school’s eagle:

You have to wonder if the highway crew that put up this sign was laughing as hard as the guys that put up the speed limit signs – that Pie Town is a booming place!

Of course you won’t see DanCyn Windmill Museum on the interstate tour of NM: (Sorry Dan, I will catch you on the next trip)

And just things that really make you scratch your head:

Made an interesting lunch stop in Magdalena, NM. It is an interesting art town in the middle of no where in an abandoned mining town. First I stopped in ZW’s blacksmith shop for some BS time, then on to the Bear Mountain Coffee House and Gallery. Normally I skip the new age kind of places, but the guy putting out the lunch sign gave me a wave on my way through, so I figured I would give it a try. The nachos were some kind of Yankee interpretation of a sacred dish, but it was a pretty good meal anyways. I stopped in the gallery and picked up some ear rings for Marinette, then talked BMW’s with the cook who had waved at me. Turns out he is a BMW rider and a pretty nice guy.

The most notable part of Magdalena was the obvious town divided by politics war that was going on. Let’s just say the west side was leaning left and the east side was leaning right. I would elaborate, but I will take the wise advice of my friend Tom Wright, who was my bike (bicycle) riding friend and all around great guy. When we first started riding, he said he kept his friends by following the PROM rule – no talking about Politics, Religion, Occupation or Money. I miss Tom every day and seeing the political signs brought a tear to my eye. We were well beyond the PROM rule and those signs and this whole crazy ride would have warranted a bunch of phone calls. He was the one person who I could call and tell him the absolute stupidest thing I had done and he would completely understand without judgment. I will have save more Tom stories for my next ride and a long, straight day when my mind can wander.

Late in the afternoon I rode through the Valley of Fire. This is some kind of lava formation and a beautiful sight.

On into Roswell for the night and supper at Arby’s:

Today was an enjoyable ride. I am getting comfortable on the bike and the tourist pace was a perfect recovery from yesterday.

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