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What am I doing wrong??

So ... I "crashed" my F700 again.

The first time was a month ago, when I was doing a tight right hand turn and lowsided. I leaned too hard and was going too fast and the rear wheel lost grip and I slid down the highway ramp for a good 200 feet or so.

I dislocated my arm, my bike's front fork got twisted, lots of little spots of damage here and there.

Today I crashed again. I was doing a left turn on a busy street and people coming from the opposite lane stopped to let me go.

I got the bike going as always, then I stalled it while leaned and down I went.

Not really crashed at high speed this time. It was lower speed and also now I got the engine guard, hand guards, etc.

Bike is fine and I fell on the left side. So the bike is basically looking like nothing happened. Same for me. Other than a bruised ego and a sore left leg.

But my most serious question is: WTF am I doing wrong??

I had a Speed Triple for a year. That's a liter sport bike. I have done some stupid, insane shit on my Triple and other than dropping it in a parking lot at a standstill because my side stand wasn't fully down, I never got into an accident with it.

I never dropped it "in motion".

This bike it's the second time in 2 months, and I got it 2 months ago ...

Seriously ... is it that the F700 falls more easily? Unlikely scenario

Is it that I suck and I just got lucky after 6000 miles of crazy shit on the Speed Triple?

I mean I rode the Triple like I stole it and nothing bad ever happened to it.

I am extra, extra careful with this one and today, without any justification or excuses, I screwed up and dropped it in a turn that should have been totally safe and fine and that I have done a million times on other bikes.

The F700 doesn't like me or my inner squid is coming out.

Or maybe the Triple was more stable than the F700 and was able to forgive the fact that I am not a good rider at all ...

Not quite sure what to think at this point.
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