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Originally Posted by burmbuster View Post
For me, the Tiger feels like it has a lower center of gravity.
Interesting. It might be just the overall much lower weight, but it's also possible that the heavier triple engine pushes weight a little lower.

Though I also never had the feeling that the Tiger had a particularly low CoG. What I really want in a dual sport is a V-Twin. Like the old 600cc from the TransAlp. Completely rock solid engine, enough power (50HP - okay, let's get 70 out of this plant), smooth, insane reliability, very narrow engine, tank can be really low around it.

Personally I think a V-Twin is the best dual sport engine. All these parallel twins and the triples are wider and make the front end uncomfortably wide. Yeah, it's possible to deal with it, but why? What's the benefit of a parallel twin over a V-Twin? Cheaper?

Okay, rant over. Sorry for the interruption, please continue with the normal program ...
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