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Originally Posted by EggChaser View Post
Could it be different rubber and tyre profile?
Could be.

I mean: Speed Triple = liter bike, 135+ horses, 190/55 rear tire, low center of gravity, immense amounts of low RPM torque

F700 = 800 cc bike, 75 horses, 140/80 rear tire, high center of gravity not to mention I have side and rear bag on it (and I carry stuff in it), and somewhat regular torque curve

So if you look at the specs, yeah they are really different.

If you just look at them side by side in a parking lot ... yeah they are TOTALLY different.

But are they so different that I can't manage the F700 safely at all?

And most importantly ... why? I would have thought that transitioning from a liter bike to an enduro would be easier ... not harder.

I always "felt" the Triple. I always knew what the bike was doing.

This one I don't feel at all.

I switched type of bike because I needed something more practical and with more utility than the Triple.

But I have to say ... I miss my Triple now.

I feel like I was dating a british porn-star and my family made me dump her in favor of a german "good girl" because the porn star was not good enough for me.

But I feel that the british porn star truly loved me ... and the german "good girl" turned into a psychopathic b!tch ...

Or maybe I'm just venting because I'm frustrated because I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
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