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Im a Alaskan stuck in Colorado for a couple years and enjoyed your point of view of my home .. but i am truly enjoying the long riding season here ..Everyday i fire my Klr up and smile even to just get milk and cookies ..
Now you have me looking at my KLR wondering what if

And i truly feel your pain on long winters and little light .. so we break out the snow machines and hit same trails again lol ..

one of my favorite local roads is Denali highway from cantwell to delta .. great views 75% dirt .. My buddy was riding a 650 vstrom .


ya got that Alaskan look. you must have read that 2009 report, some pretty weird happenings on that trip.

here's your Denali road from earlier in the season...quite a ride, 100 miles of gravel.

i followed graders on that road for what seemed like 50 miles, the road surface all chewed up with loose gravel.

i see that the Maclaren River Lodge on the Denali closed for the winter, not enough customers to pay for keeping the generator running 24/7, that's where i met this girl...and if you remember that Segar song, she was all of that.

We take a break at the McClaren River Lodge. They were in the process of opening for the season and unstocked merchandize was scattered around. The pretty young girl working the register was just learning her summer job and made a big mistake in my favor when she rang up my ice cream bar and other junk. When I pointed this out, she said “Gee thanks, they want me to pay if I goof up like that.” The second time around she made an even bigger mistake in her favor…by gosh, that girl is a quick study. I gave up and told her to keep the change.

I step back and take another quick look at her. I hear a little clink as a quarter rolls down the coin slot on my mental juke box and a Bob Segar cut starts playing “She was a black haired beauty with big dark eyes….” Standing there with a quizzical look on her face, she gives me a tiny wink with her left eye and says “Bye”. With a big whoosh I was out the door and headed for the bike on the run. I needed some fresh air before I had a heart attack. I had the bike running before I jumped in the saddle and in a cloud of dust we were gone to Paxson. Mind readers must scare the heck out of me.
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