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Alright. The bike is really starting to come into its final form. The more that I looked at that Suzuki seat the more unhappy I was with how the front of it met the tank. It just looked amateurish and wrong how the contour of the seat fit up against the tank so poorly. Just about the time that I was deciding that I couldn't live with it after all, what pops up on Ebay but a '70 SL350 seat. The cover was thrashed but the foam and pan looked to be in decent shape. I was prepared to pay a lot of money for it since they don't turn up for sale very often, but the auction gods were smiling on me and I got it for cheap. If anyone here is the other bidder that was smited by the auction gods, I apologize. It will take a bit of frame modification to make it work, but nothing serious. I mainly just have to cut off the rear loop that goes over the fender and weld it back on a few inches farther forward. I'll also need to mount the seat latch that goes behind the gas tank since my bike was originally a side-hinged seat and the SL350 seat is a rear-hinged.
I mocked it up on the bike and the fitment is much better than with the Suzuki seat. This one will look like it's designed to be on there. I actually prefer the slimmer look of the Suzuki seat to the taller profile of the SL seat, but I'm overall much happier with the SL seat.
I picked up the pipes from the powdercoater today and I'm very happy with the result. I have a bit of work to do before I can mount them up for good, but the mockup looks nice. The bike has taken on a much chunkier and more squat look than I had anticipated, but I don't dislike it at all. Based on the look of the bike, I've changed my plan to mount a small battery under the seat. I was originally going for a very "open" look behind the engine, but since the rest of the bike looks so dense I think that I'll just reuse the home made battery box that I had on the bike originally. It also serves as the lower mount for the rear fender so I won't have to fabricate something new there.
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