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Originally Posted by robfilms View Post
i must say, i REALLY appreciate the thoughtful sharing of experience and ideas.

when i started looking for a used bike, i was stunned to find sellers willing to come to my place show me their ride, let me ride it, then talk motorcycle and maintenance.

sure these guys were "selling" and maybe because i'm an older guy just getting back into riding after 37 years i was able to create a non-threatening situation but they possessed a true generosity which i found welcoming and remarkable.

i find myself wanting to ride to rid myself of that cynicism that occasionally clogs my brain, my heart and my soul.

thanks for the winter tips.


be well.

People want to have contact with one another and reduce the isolation that most of us feel. Motorcycles are a fine platform for doing so and a way for people to express their generosity which, I believe, is intrinsic to most of us.
"When I was younger I was afraid I'd die riding now that I'm old and falling apart, I'm afraid I won't."
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