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Be careful what you wish for. I have owned water cooled bikes and air cooled and by far, the hottest ones were all water cooled ! Just because a bike is water cooled doesn't mean that it can't throw a lot of heat on your legs.

I currently ride a 2012 Electra Glide and some people who own this same bike, say it runs very hot. But, for whatever reason, mine doesn't throw all that much heat. Nowhere near what my old Honda ST1300 or my Kawasaki C-14 threw and they were both water cooled.

The coolest running bike (As far as heat on the operator) I have ever owned was my BMW RT1200 and that was air
cooled !

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I want a freakin' water cooled tour bike so bad!!! That is my only gripe about my Road King in Texas. Too freakin' hot!!!
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