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While applying ice to my sore left leg I read your post and ponder ...

Originally Posted by catweasel67 View Post
I'm a conservativer rider, middle aged - so cue self righteous preaching.. you have been warned..

I'm "old" as well (40s) and ugly as sin ...

If you do "crazy shit" you are, in the end, going to crash. Crazy shit means going a bit faster than the speed limit in isolated country roads. So if the speed limit for a turn says 45 I'm doing 55... that's the extent of my crazy shit. With this bike, I need to stay WAY below the speed limit or it feels like it wants to wash out (PS: it's got 2000 miles now, so the tires are broken in).
If you expect the round every corner successfully just because you did it OK yesterday, you are, in the end, going to crash. But I didn't crash!!! (on the Triple)
If you ride a motorbike, you are, in the end, going to crash. But I didn't crash!!! (on the Triple)

I don't know what your background is, if you've had any meaningful training, but maybe you'd benefit from a track day? or half a day's advanced training? But I did all that!! I went for advanced training, I took the MSF course again with my bike (on the Triple) and took the "police officer" course where they make you practice extreme maneuvers at low speeds (on the Triple).

or simply riding your new bike like you didn't steal it until you get to know it a bit better. But I'm not riding this bike like I stole it ... I did that on the Triple!!

I didn't expect my VF to handle like my bro's Kat, or my Goose to turn like my GS425.

ps: I assume the bike is safe to ride? tyre pressure? brakes? suspension? etc etc - tyre pressure is the one most often ignored
Herein might lie the problem.

Maybe my problem is not the bike but arrogance?

Maybe I was arrogant in assuming that if I mastered the Triple I could master the F700 without effort? Maybe I was arrogant in assuming that since I tamed the Triple I can simply straddle the F700 and the bike would bow to me and recognize me as her undisputed master?

Maybe I am NOT safe on that bike until I re-run all the training I ran through with the Triple (high speed maneuvering training, low speed maneuvering training, MSF re-do with your own bike, etc ... I did it all ... with the Triple).

It's time to change my ice on my leg ... and my ego ... be back later.
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