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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
Can I make this my new tag line? Sounds like my love life, except I'm happy with my German psycho...

Back to the tipping problem. I have to go with cybrdyke on this one. In both accident descriptions, I picture the bike leaned over so far that the front wheel is turned sharply. When this happens, the rear wheel is pushing against a pretty strong resistance, and will either break traction or stall the motor.

You may want to keep the bike upright in slow corners, until you are more familiar with it's cornering characteristics. This way if you stall or break traction, you just pull in the clutch and coast until things are back in balance.
That's what might have happened in the first accident. In fact, THANK YOU for this description as it sounds very plausible.

Also that's what I'm doing right now ... however today's accident is a bit different. It was simply a safe (traffic completely stopped on all sides), slow left turn from a stop.

And the engine, as it has done MANY MANY times in the last couple of months died on me.

I have never had the Triple engine die on me.

Do I need to keep this engine revved to 4~5k? With the triple just 2000 RPMs were sufficient to make the bike rocket out of a black hole.

With this bike I stall it like there's no tomorrow in the most inane and simple of situations.

This is an honest to god, request for advice: how do you guys make your ADV bikes NOT stall? Do you give a lot of gas? Do you rev it up to 4k? 5k? Mine is stalling 2-3 times a day. Not making this up. Never had this problem with the triple ...
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