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Your comments support my theory.

The two bikes have quite different sized front tires, correct? When you turn the handlebars on the Triple, the tire swings to the side. Now think about how much farther the front tire swings with a larger diameter front tire; causing it to dig into the pavement and halt your progress. Police training encourages this type of cornering because officers may have to execute a U-turn in a very small space, but turning the front wheel too sharply is like putting on the front brake. Not good if you are leaned way over at the time.

Edit: So the bike is stalling a lot. I think manufacturers tend to gear the "adventure" bikes a little too high, in an attemp to make them more highway worthy. My Aprilia was the same way, and seemed to be lugging away from a stop. Adding 2 teeth to the rear sprocket can help, and can often be done without changing the chain.
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