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Well, I'm in there with you. I started on a Bridgestone 90 in 1966! Been thru 40 bikes including a Uly, Elelfant, V-Strom, Versys I'm Now riding the Tiger 800XC ABS. Love to hit the gravel roads with either bike.
The 800 is a fantastic bike, well balanced, handles anything , good brakes, etc.........but go for a long ride on one first. After the torque monsters I've owned the Triple has some low end pull but not Grunt. Who needs 10,000 rpm on a dirt road!! The front forks need a little TLC. High speed highway bumps, above 65 are terrible. People are getting some work done to them. Get the low seat from Triumph, its sits better. Put on the peg lowering kit, bar risers and everyone loves it.
One issue........The straight cut gears are music to my friends ear, but not my cup of tea. The whine bothers me so I go faster.

Anyway, The bike looks great and I keep going back to it with multiple bikes.
However for the money and fun & light weight and possible three day trips, errands around the neighborhood, etc get the Versys.$3,500 for one used. If you have money or need to head across country........get the Tiger XC. The regular 800 looks like a BMW.
If you are in/near Baltimore stop by, we we can go for a ride.
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