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Originally Posted by Craneguy View Post
This is unfortunate. Perhaps we're not trying hard enough? Poll result isn't really a surprise though...

Article: Poll: Most Americans View Mexico Negatively.

Then again, after the fantastic run MikeMike and I did today, the fewer people clogging the roads in motorhomes the better. Bikes always welcome.
not gonna make a lick of difference. keep it to yourself.

not surprising at all. i talk up my experience about mexico all the time and most look at my like i'm crazy to go there. the sad part is most in the US have shallow brains who watch Fox news and believe everything they are told.

at this point I tell my Mexico stories to people just to get a reaction as I don't give a damn what the TV say nor what others think. TV is for complete losers anyway, but these people don't know it. the Euros and Candadians get it and they are the ones you'll most meet in Mexico.
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