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thanks again Arte for starting this great thread!

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" (1) México is dearly loved by the regulars on this thread. It is a country of breathtaking beauty and friendly people who will enrich your life for having met them. There are, however, some bad hombres and mujeres in the mix and, obviously, only you can decide whether a trip into Mexico is right for you.
(2) Basic advice? Avoid riding at night and don't wander around in places your mom would not want you to be in, especially at night. Be respectful; don’t be a douche with an attitude. Watch out for loose livestock and topes.
(3) Although there is much to gain from going through the entire thread you may want to consider posting your question at the tail end to get up-to-date perspectives from the regulars here.
(4) Many of the regulars on this thread live in Mexico, have lived in Mexico or have crisscrossed Mexico from one end to the other and the thread also serves as a chat room of sorts while waiting for customers to drop by with questions. If you find this annoying, kindly go elsewhere. There are scads of sources on the web to find information on the Mexico “situation”.
(5) All are warmly welcomed to influence the direction of the thread so constructive comments and suggestions are appreciated. However, if you come here to complain or just kick dust in people’s face, kindly go elsewhere; not every thread on ADV will please everyone so go find one that pleases you.
(6) For best results, view this thread as you would a small town newspaper; some good stuff, some filler, some gossip, some trivia with a pretty darn good “ask the experts” column. There are semi-regular columns on motorcycles, Mexico roads & traffic norms, border crossing procedures, cigars, bbq, beer, and the appreciation of beauty, both natural and surgically enhanced.

Bienvenido! "

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In occasion of our almost 200 yrs Mexican independency anniversary; The tourism is being supported more than ever (promotion and security), and no one likes to mess with tourists, we all know they are huge money source to ramp up the poor economy situation.

check some of Tamaulipas sites on this promotinal video, which is just at 3 to 4 hours from the TX border.

you can check my last trip to see more pictures of the Zacaton area shown on the video.

Now, you wanna some Mexico's unsafe places? well go outside at 2 am, walk by the "tolerance" areas and you might be at first row seat of non safe events.

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