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Oh my. Who knew mentioning wheelie would get everyone going like this. I think it is because this thread is full of bikers who relish improving skills, and holding a wheelie at balance point exceeds the skill envelope for most(I can't hold it for long).

So, I have thought about it a little more, and I think I understand why I was doing better wheelies after doing some gymkhana. I think it is just the way gymkhana rewards coordination of control inputs with better time. You have to do clutch, front brake, back brake, throttle turn, and balance all together in order to do well. A wheelie responds well to the same concept of coordination of controls.

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Yup, that's what gets me either the horrendous crash of putting the front down too hard or landing the on the handle bars. The DT wheelies like a trials bike but I just don't have the confidence to really hoist it. A wee float over an obstacle is one thing, getting it up to the balance point & holding it totally another.
Always land the wheelie on the throttle. Let the front start coming down, and get back on the gas. Keep trying, it is stupid fun, and the skills you build are really useful.

Now if only I could find someplace to practice them without the wrong kind of attention.

Since we are on this topic, here are a couple of videos I have found useful for wheelie learning.

Ryan young trilas training video (wheelie)

01 The Wheelie - Explained

Now back to your regularly scheduled MotoGymkhana thread...
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