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In the shop I work at, the number one cause of problems is the bike sitting and the fuel going bad. Our rule of thumb is that after 3 months, the carbs will be plugged up and the bike won't idle. We rebuild the carbs and flush the fuel out of the fuel tank.
The 3 month old fuel will still burn, shoot, 2 year old fuel will also still burn, but we don't trust it.

With fuel injection, you come out easier. The fuel sitting in the fuel injectors and fuel lines is not exposed to moisture and don't tend to clog. On a FI bike that has been sitting for 2 years, toss in a new battery and it will often fire right up. We still flush out the old fuel to be on the safe side.

We do see issues with moisture building up in the fuel tank and rusting out the fuel pump.

I don't put Seafoam in the same category as Stabil. Stabil seems to do a better job of preserving the fuel. Seafoam does a good job of cleaning the fuel system.

Here is my suggestion. If you are going to burn up a tank of fuel every 3 months or so, then don't do anything. You are good on a FI bike. A "tank" is not assuming a fuel tank. Fill it up only half way. As long as the bulk of the fuel in the tank is being replaced every 3 months, then you are good.
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