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Originally Posted by nuggets View Post
I don't have a proper tire changer. That said, I can do tires with tire levers and patience. I still need to pick up some better tools for tires.

I have started taking tires to Crazy Ted. He is in VB, and will change them for $15 if you have the wheel off. $25 if he takes the wheel off. It's a hell of a good deal.

I just checked your profile, and I see you have a GS1200. Your tires would be a challenge for my limited tire toolset. If you want to try though, bring some tire lube(I don't have any) and we'll give it a go.
I've still got a few miles left to squeeze out of the tires. I am, however, quite curious about your shop. What is it? Where is it? Can I come by to say hello?
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