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Originally Posted by indypup View Post
Yeah, that's what I thought. ;) Speaking of lofting the front end. You were doing that a lot when I was following you. What's your secret for doing that?
Yeah, lofting is kind of my thing. I've ridden street bikes for a decade, and always wanted to be able to wheelie, but was never willing to risk my bike learning (on pavement). Now that I'm riding dirt I'm giving it my best shot, and getting better every time I go out.

I don't use the clutch to loft, so that leaves your body and the throttle. On a flat surface... In first gear I can just give the bars a good tug and crack the throttle and it'll float the front tire, good enough to get over a small rock or root or across a small washout. Put my whole body into it (king of lean forward and throw myself back) and crack the throttle and it'll come up plenty far to cross a creek or whatever. In second gear, the 'throw the body weight' thing works to float the tire, but not lift it much. Add a suspension bounce in there and it'll come up more.

The easier method is with less than smooth ground. A rock or root are all that's needed to bounce the front tire up in first or second gear with a good crack of the throttle.

What it ALL come down to is timing. Timing when to hit the gas, or tug, or throw your weight, or bounce. It's all about timing, and the only way to get that down is by practicing. Luckily, without using the clutch, the wrr isn't powerful enough to loop you into oblivion without you knowing what hit you. You could certainly loop it if you tried, but you'd have to really be trying.

All my opinion/thoughts of course.
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