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Huajuapan to Oaxaca

I wish everyday could start like today. I went for breakfast, got what i ordered and I blasted off. It was hot when i was loading the bike, but within minutes I started the climb up glorious mountain roads and i needed my heated grip and winter liner again. The road, Rte 190 had some sketchy pavement, not bad, but just enough to ad interest. What a road! No traffic, I mean no traffic, 20 minutes would pass and i wouldn't see another vehicle. There is a new toll road between Huajuapan and Oaxaca and they must all be using that.

I can't tell you how much fun I had. It's like someone gave you this private racetrack and said "Go Nuts" I didn't have far to go!

Holy crap, I remember one section in particular when I realized I was on this ridge with about 1000 foot drops on either side, and I mean immediately on either side, like you were on a suspension bridge.

Amazing scenery, wonderful little villages, Pine trees, flowers, cactus, waterfalls, It had it all.

I was tired from a long day yesterday, and the rooster at my hotel decided it was time to get up at 4:45, but i could not get over what I was seeing. I stopped and took a lot of pictures. There were actually places to stop, and who cared, there was no traffic anyway I could have parked the bike in the middle of the road.

After an hour my arms and shoulders were getting sore from all the braking and I've worn the skin off my left big toe, the one I broke in the July crash, from all the shifting. How cool is that???

Here's a bunch of pictures

The double length Corona truck breezing through town

They waste no time

The ride

Rio del Oro

Check out this dirt road!

I did not want today's ride to end.....Epic!
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