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Thanks guy for the links. That Bakker frame would be a perfect start for what I want to do.
I am really concerned though. The GS frame is not in their price list but some of their other frames run right about 3.500 Euros....holy heck thats a butt load of money for a bit of tubing bent and welded together in a jig...
3.500 was just the frame, the rear subframe was another 1.000 I think so we are looking at close to 5k Euro for a frame...that is well over $7000.00 USD....Im out at that.

Whale, That 900RR is exactly what I would like to build Like many folks I am sure. Did the Dakar have a 900cc engine limit that year or what? Why did they go with 900cc instead of the standard 1150 motor?
I know somewhere around that time they dropped to 650cc singles and later to 450cc.
I know the early airhead HPN bikes were the 1050cc kit on the 65/80 motors.

Whale, I have been looking for a few days and I can not find alot of pics of any custom frames like that, just the frames and any specs. I like what larryboy did, that is what I am thinking of doing. He sounds alot like me....hold it in place and tack weld.
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