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Thanks Wetside.

Originally Posted by WetSideRider View Post
A young suicide is a tragedy. As we age, suicide gains some measure of heroism, to me. When the strong grow weak after a lifetime of carrying others, they often decide that they donít want to be a burden. They donít want to inflict the pain of loss that they themselves have felt in a lifetime of loss. Itís a false hope, the hope that our loss will be less if our loved ones donít see us suffer, but it is a loving hope that I respect.

If I am granted a forewarning of the end, I hope I am able to handle it with grace, and act as an example to the ones that I care about who are left behind, for now.

I think twice about posting this. More than twice. But every year for 24 years now, this time of year makes me melancholy. I like people more now than I did then, and I try to be a little more understanding. Maybe this note is helpful to someone.
There is not a day that I do not think about the brother that I lost to suicide. It takes some grace to accept that we cannot know how it feels to be someone without hope. Dave
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