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No Importanto

In my quest to learn a bit of Spanish i really keep my ears open and I read signs and try and figure them out and remember the words. I hear a lot of the same phrases every day. I don't know how to say them but I recognize them, like, have a nice trip, do you want to fill up? I know the difference between Buenos, Diaz, Tarde, and Noches now. It's all good. I don't care I always get what I want but it would be nice to talk to the people I meet.

I told Roberto what happens when I order something to eat. usually I pick something off the menu that I think i know what it is. I can do that part, it's easy. Then what happens is, the waitress asks me a bunch of questions I simply do not understand. I get the gist, it's like, what sauce do you want, do you want corn or flour, do you want mole of verde?

I told Roberto I really don't care I'm just happy to have something to eat. It's all good. Really tasty food here. he told me to just say....No Importanto!

I'll remember that, useful indeed.

I'm learning.

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