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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
Whale, I am staring at your pics more and noticing something, did you turn your TBs verticlewith an elbow and run them up under the tank?
If so, I love that idea..

I have a donor 2003 YZ 125 donor front end and can get the frame as a start point. I know the frame will be short, but combining your style and larryboys is possible.

I just wish I had an 1150 with the 6 speed trans. I have an R1100RT that I may use for this project.
Yep back then CC rating was limited to 900 and as for the $7000 I would hate to add up the hours that I have spent on this so far but I suppose it is a one off and I have made everything in my shed for it so far from scratch.
Yes I have turned the intakes up 90Deg and swapped the throtle bodies from side to side to get the injectors pointed back in the ports again. The air intake will be up by the steering head and a fuel tank is next to be made to fit where the airbox used to be.
This bike will be for trails and I had a gearbox with the pivot point broken out of it so I cut the rest of it off with the angle grinder and now the swingarm pivots in the frame.
I will be running an 850 to start with which will have a 3.36 final drive ratio I think the 5 speed box will be better because the ratio split is a bit wider the 6 speed box ratios are pretty close so with a low final drive you would be changing gear all the time.
As for the HPN 900RR if you study the engine it is way from Std all the sump is cut off the engine and extra oil tank fitted under the gearbox an alternator on the front of the crank like an airhead motor, remote oil filter and the list goes on many things to take in. Rear shock on top of the gearbox at a 45Deg angel. I have kept mine vertical.
R900 RR the dream machine never to be made by HPN for the public unlike the previous airhead models
As for the YZ parts go for it anything is possible all that is required is time and inclination good luck.

P.S. if you click on my photo you will see some previous photos of the frame. Still a way to go before the big fire up but the major stuff is done once I get the tank made.


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