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Originally Posted by ChadHahn View Post
30 years ago I went to a garage sale. As I was walking up the driveway a guy was wheeling out what looked to be a pristine Whizzer. As he was going by I asked what he paid for it. $20 he said. When I'm not kicking myself for not being just a bit earlier to the sale I tell myself he was just BSing me on the price.

Wow could you imagine, 20 bucks? IF the guy wasnt BS'n you, that was a steal.

Originally Posted by ray h View Post
I've ridden a Whizzer amny times.
It was my dad's, he bought it new when he was 14 and I rode it when I was around 12. Restoring it became a project that he and I worked at together in our spare time until my parents got divorced and he left with it. I was talking to him a few years ago and asking him whatever happened to the Whizzer and a few other things I remember fondly growing up (including a numbers matching 9mm German Luger that I was in love with). He told me that he got mad after the divorce and just liquidated everything. What a shame, I hope whoever got the Whizzer finished the resto and is enjoying it.
Very cool story! Ive never ridden this one yet as it needs to be completly gone through before I try and start it. The tank on mine was mint (besides the paint) but my uncle that owned it (rip) didnt take very good care of it, left it in a shed that was so rotten it fell down. He liked collecting stuff more then taking care of the stuff he collected.

Were they fun to ride?
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