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Originally Posted by scotty918 View Post
Yep, and to be honest, I'm having a blast reading through this thread.
As am I. And I have my own opinions/experiences to share.

NT700V - On paper, this was a perfect move-up bike for me, a mid-sized ST. So much utility, so little enjoyment. The motor had all the NVH of an agricultural device, suspension was wallowy, and it was top-heavy. I really *wanted* to like this bike, for all its practicality, but I just couldn't. It was also ugly and very, VERY overpriced.

2011 Ninja 650 - I went to a Kawi demo event, and got three rides scheduled, the 650, the ZX-6, and a C14. I was really going to this event to try the 650 and consider moving up from my '09 N250. I rode the ZX-6 first - LOVED the throttle response, hated the bar position (felt like they were under my chest, would have loved them further forward). Then I rode the C14, and was in love. A 688 lb bike shouldn't feel that nimble and stable at the same time, period. Then came the 650. It damn near fried my right leg (and I was wearing jeans, 60 degree day), the mirrors were completely unusable (if not seizure inducing) below 7-8k, and the godawful HONK of the intake sounded like a flock of geese had surrounded me and somehow found their way inside my helmet. It also didn't handle anywhere near as well as my 250. For the first time in my life, I couldn't wait to get off a motorcycle. I've never been so happy to get on my 250 to do a 50-mile interstate ride as I was that day, although I would have preferred the C14 for that task....
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