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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
This should be in Jo momma.

However, I think most men who are emasculated are that way because they prefer to avoid confrontation. It starts before they get married with the woman using sex to keep a man in his place. Later it is because they hate the fight.

On the other hand, many just use that as an excuse to not do something that scares them a bit too much. Basically they are actually afraid, but do not want to show it in front of their men friends.

I've read through most of this thread, see myself at various points in my life and relationships in some of the stories, and could add a few horror stories of my own. I think I'll save some electrons, though, and just note that Jim absolutely NAILED IT on post #2 above. So Jim, how many marriages have you been through to gain so much wisdom? I'm on my third, so I've learned a few things about the ways of women and relationships (#3 tells me the lessons have paid off). Thank you, Dear, you're right of course.

BTW, after two failed marriages, living alone for years, and dating a number of ladies I have found a woman who celebrates me being myself and I celebrate her being herself and it works GREAT! We talk and compromise and things work out very nicely for both of us. We're both very independent but recognize we're stronger together than separately. She's a keeper and she says I am too. We enjoy each others' company but are happy when apart as well. Finally, the partnership we've always wanted and knew we should have.

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