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Glad to be of help. Getting a handle on 12v electric made me very happy.

Nice panel, by the way.

You certainly have a lot of lighting.
The Piaas are 85W each, and the Crees are 30Watts each, so you're at 230. Most heated jackets are 90W, so you may be using as much as 320 Watts - which is a LOT, and close to 27 amps.

I wouldn't add much more, and I think you should check your bike's alternator to see how much Wattage it puts out. Headlights are usually 55 or 60 each (K bike is a single?). The tail light, ignition, fuel pump, and all that other stuff needs power. If you have a 300 Watt alternator and run all your gear, your battery will discharge. If you have a 4090 Watt alternator, and are on the freeway, you'll be fine, but may discharge the battery around town.

Alternators are listed as Wattage at a certain RPM (usually high) so your 400 Watt alternator may only put out 400 when the bike is near redline, and much less than that at cruising or idle.

I'm going to recommend a small volt meter. There's a few in the vendors forum, and I have one on my Strom (I got stuck with a dead battery once). Something like this:

Wire it to the switched side of the EB panel. You'll want it to read over 13 volts, so if it starts to dip, shut off some lights.

Have fun. Learn lots!

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Thank you for this amazing reply

(not qouting it all because people get stressed when that happens )

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