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Very cool Whale.
Thanks for all of the input.
I got in touch with Bert Duursma last night and it is much better than i thought. The subframe is not available at all, not sure why, but I think the stock BMW subframe will bolt up to the custom frame and if so I believe that there are aluminum subframes on the market for a stock frame.

The price is WAY better than I thought, the frame is VERY simply in design so the price is better, not cheap, but better.
Bert sent me an email that the frame is *about* 1650 Euro shipped which only translate to about $2200.00 USD.
That is doable imho. I just need to verify if their steering head will fit with the YZ triple clamp. I think I can get some bearings that will work either way, but it would be nice if I could get the exact head diameter that the YZ has for simplicity.

I am just really torn. I am one of those guys that have TOO many Ideas, TOO little money, No time, and BIG
I am torn between building my R80G/S into an HPN replica or building the 900RR replica. I want a bike I can tour long distances on when on the highway, but is reasonably capable on things like the TAT or the Rubicon trail type of rides.

I like the idea of the oilhead for HP, stock it is at 85-90 ish and smooth, where as the Airhead is only 50 ish HP and is old, It would require alot of work to get the motor fresh and up to snuff for a long distance trip. The oilhead I have is road ready, fairly low mileage, and a know good running commodity.
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