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On off road split

I disagree that the distribution will be any different with the new model relative to the split between off and on road. That being said the amount of off road worthiness of a 500 lb motorcycle really comes down to skill, strength and willingness to take scratches and wear on an expensive mount. BMW had one at the Dallas show a couple of weeks ago. I sat on it and looked it over very closely. It is more evolution, even with the major motor redesign, than revolution. The tires are noticeably wider than my 08 GS. The Dallas example had spoke wheels, which are much more Matt finished than mine. The overall look to instruments and engine is far cleaner with fewer wires, injectors and connectors showing. The windscreen is very easy to raise and lower its just funny that its on the right side when you'll want to adjust using your left hand while moving. The slightly slimmer seat and midsection does contribute to a slightly easier reach to the ground, maybe by an inch or less. The overall feel of balance, weight and construction appear to be very similar. Things like the metal clutch and brake slaves probably indicates BMWs intent on the new bike seeing significant off road duty also evident in promotional videos. IMO take is they wanted to close the street- worthiness of the Ducati MS, Triumph and other entries while not disorienting any current owners. I can't wait to actual tests and comparisons once journalists get their hands on these things.
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