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Honda Pacific Coast.

I bought an '89 in the spring of last year after wanting one ever since I saw the spy photos way back. I have not owned or ridden many bikes but dreamed that bike was the one for me. Unfortunately wrecked it after a couple months but fixed it and am still commuting on it. It is reliable and practical, but a bit dull, with bothersome engine heat in hot weather but which is no help heating in cold weather. Buffeting from the stock windscreen and I'm too cheap to spend money trying different ones until I find one that works. I've left most of the bodywork off it in case I need to put a wrench to it sometime. Too big a bother when you need to reach anything. The trunk is great but I'd rather it had a key lock than the hidden-under-a-locked-flap remote release. Stuff like that. The stepped seat is a necessity due to the trunk but limits movement to adjust for comfort.

Thought about selling it and getting another early KLR but rode one since and had forgotten how agricultural they feel so that is probably out.

I only have room and time for one bike so will likely sell this and buy the first thing that appeals to me. Who knows what that one will be...
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