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Clean the chain thoroughly with compressed air. If needed, rub it down with a rag dipped in kerosene or diesel being careful around the o-rings. When riding or parked, don't let the chain get wet, period, and it if does, dry it out ASAP otherwise it will rust (if you aren't using any wax or lube like me). I don't ride when it's wet out because I hate cleaning mud off anything so avoiding water is easy for me. Even with the occasional creek crossing, I think the chain's heat dries itself out during the ride so as to avoid rusting.

This faux regimen has made my RK EXW chains last at least 15k miles and I don't have to deal with any messy cleaner, wax or lube. I use to do cleaning and lubing, found it to be more messy than anything with negligible positive results, the best being quietness which never really mattered to me. I'd rather just spend $100 for new sprockets and chain every 15k (1-3 years) and never have to deal with the driveline otherwise (except slack adjustments). In my experience, kinks in a chain are better fixed with slight outwards pressure on two small screwdrivers placed inside the kinked link.

I prefer to direct my best cleaning efforts towards the air filter.
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