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Wow, I really liked the HyperMotard, they stopped the big demo ride and told me to quit wheelieing out of corners on it. Big time fun. The Multistrada 1200S also did it for me. Fast as ass, and real fun to ride. If they weren't $23,000+, I'd buy one.

Someone gave me a Ninja 250 one time. What a piece of crap. I gave it to someone else.

I read how great GS500Es were, as far as little commuter bikes go. Worst carburetors and front forks of anything I've ever ridden, before or since.

I've owned over 40 bikes. Some are memorable, like the Daytona 955, lots of personality, not particularly comfortable, a little primitive as far as throttle effort and clutch pull, but a pretty good bike.

I had an XR650L Supermoto, big bore, Carillo rod, ported and polished, titanium valves, HRC Cam that I thought was going to set the world on fire. The big bore, high compression piston overpowered the stock electric starter, sometimes that bitch just wouldn't start, usually if it stalled sitting at an intersection. Or just coming home from a store or something. When it started, it was fun to ride. When it didn't it was a bitch to push start, Which was about 1/2 the time. I traded it for a Sportster, another hunk O'crap. It ran like it should. It was in good shape. But the brakes sucked, the handling sucked, it shook like a paint shaker, and just wasn't a pleasant bike to ride.
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