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Question [IDEA] Trip Planning Software - FEEDBACK WANTED

Hey guys,

I've bumped into an issue several times over the years as I planned road trips and business trips so I've mocked up an idea for a web application to solve this problem. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the same headaches... Sometimes it's great to let the road take you and travel without a schedule. Unfortunately, we're not always given that luxury so we have to plan out our trips. Google Maps makes it easy to see the route but i've often wanted to keep track of dates and stopovers.

In the example, let's assume I'm riding across the country and I want to visit some friends and family along the way, spending a few nights at each location. If the list is short, I can keep it in my head. If it's a longer trip I'll either write it down on paper or keep it in Excel. This works great if plans don't change, but if they do it can be a hassle to figure out if staying an 2 nights longer in SLC, an extra 3 nights in Boulder and an extra night in Chicago will bring me into Buffalo on a Tuesday or a Saturday...

I've also had the same issue while planning multi-leg business trips where I'm visiting several locations and during the planning phase, I have to adjust my itinerary several times before locking it down. I've poked around the internets and interwebs for a solution but the options are slim. Have you used something similar?

So I put together this simple mockup of a solution. It's basically Google Maps (something we are all familiar with) and it has the added functionality of being able add in the # of nights you plan to spend at each location and the corresponding dates. This should make it much easier to visualize than an excel spreadsheet and simpler to adjust if plans change.

I'm not a software guy but I have a friend willing to build a prototype for a few bucks. The question I have is, does anyone else have this problem? Would you find something like this useful?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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